Peroneal Nerve Entrapment Sites"Drop foot" refers to the inability to lift the front part of one's foot off the ground when walking, resulting in a scuffing or dragging of the foot or lifting the thigh (known as "steppage" gait). It may be caused by nerve or muscle disorders or damage, or by a central nervous system disorder. Often there is an entrapment disorder, or compressed nerve, of the common peroneal nerve as it wraps around the head of the fibula.

Drop foot is usually diagnosed by physical examination, although additional testing may be recommended in some cases. Treatment may include use of braces, physical therapy, and electrical nerve stimulation. If a compressed nerve is discovered, surgery may be required to decompress the nerve to restore function to the nerve. Ideally the nerve will be decompressed early in the course of the drop foot, before irreversible nerve damage occurs.

Common Peroneal Nerve Entrapment